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Floor heating cable and mats

Heat your home or office and enjoy warm floors at the same time! Floor heating brings higher re-sale value to any home or office. Builders are already adding them as standard features.

Elec-Trace electric radiant heating cables and mats are insulated with Tefzel© giving them superior longevity and making them flexible and easy to install.

Elec-Trace cables and mats are designed to warm stone, tile and many other types of floor covering in any room. They can even be safely installed in showers!

Enjoy the warmth of an electric indoor cable or mat to heat your cold concrete floors. Slab heating is great for condominiums, basements, garages, additions and just about any concrete application.

You can heat large areas or create separately controlled smaller zones.

Elec-Trace insulated, grounded and twin cable design eliminates EMF (electromagnetic fields).

You never imagined warmth like this!