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12.5 mm MVU Ultra-High Temperature Self Regulating Heating Cable 120V / 240V

12.5 mm MVU Ultra-High Temperature Self Regulating Heating Cable 120V / 240V

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Drexma MVU self regulating heating Ultra-high temperature self-regulating heating cable can be used for ultra high continuous operation temperature (up to 210 °C), also focus on the freeze protection and process temperature maintaince application, HTU+ heating cable can withstand the exposure temperature up to 260 °C, including intermittent or continuous high temperature steam purge. In another way HTU+ heating cable  can be installed at the minimum ambient temperature of -60 °C, and there will be .still high power output under high temperature condition. All of above are considered to ensure the completion of reaction or cystallization process  in the production of petro-chemical and coal-chemical industry.

The extruded core tape, which made by parallel nickel-plate copper bus wire and PTC semiconductor polymer heating material, and inner insulation layer of fluoropolymer are added to Nickel-plated copper and the outer jacket form a complete structure of MVU heating cable, in which the outer jacket can be made of fluoropolymer material .

According to the characteristics of automatic adjustment of power output based on ambient temperature, it can avoid overheating or burning on heating cable even in the case of overlapping installation; Simultaneously this feature can increase the efficiency of the heat tracing system and reduce energy consumption.

• It is allowed to cut arbitrarily within the interval specified by the maximum circuit length and connect with compliance accessories.

• It has a complete series of accessory, including standard power box, splice/tee connection box and end seal box etc, which can ensure the long service life of the heating system.

• Ultra-high operating temperature and withstand temperature, as well as high output power under high temperature conditions, ensure that the economic benefits can be maximized in relevant application environments.

• CSA (CAN, USA) Class I, Div 2, Groups B, C, D; Class II, Div. 2, Groups E, F, G; Class III. 


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