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ETOG-56 Ground temperature and moist sensor 82 Ft.

ETOG-56 Ground temperature and moist sensor 82 Ft.

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The ground sensor, type ETOG-56, is designed for embedding in the outdoor surface using the ETOK-1 sensor tube. The ground sensor detects both temperature and moisture.

The sensor tube, type ETOK-1, is a mounting tube for ETOG-56, supplied with a wood plug for covering the ETOK-1 hole during installation.

Two ETOG-56 ground sensors can be connected to the ETO2-4550 Controller to keep large areas ice-free, even if they are exposed to a range of different conditions. Where an asphalt surface is used, or where easy installation is desired, installing ETOG-56 together with ETOK-1 is the obvious choice.




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