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ASE GF-1 And GF-2

ASE GF-1 And GF-2

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The ASE GF-1 and GF-2 provide an inexpensive, easy to integrate answer for your GFPE requirements. Each GF unit affords GFPE protection for one (GF-1) or 2 (GF-2) 120/208/240VAC circuits up to 60A. The unique design allows installation of your own standard, off-the-shelf overload breaker into the customer load center. Size the breaker and wiring for your system, anywhere from 15A to 60A. Then install the GF unit between your load center branch circuit and the sensor/controller and heat cable. Your overload breaker protects the wiring. Our GF unit provides the Ground Fault Protection.The EX-50 Kit will provide a reliable, well-sealed extension of the standard 10 foot cable supplied with a remote precipitation sensor.  Proper assembly and installation will assure trouble-free operation for many years.

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