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HSC-24 (25125) Pavement Sensor

HSC-24 (25125) Pavement Sensor

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HSC-24 (25125) Pavement Sensor (requires 23832 Pavement Sensor Housing)

The Snow Switch Model HSC-24, 24-volt Pavement-Mounted Snow and Ice Sensor reliably detect snow and ice conditions on pavement surfaces. The HSC-24 pavement sensor ensures that deicing heaters operate only while needed which minimizes energy costs without sacrificing snow melting effectiveness.

The HSC-24 is designed to be self-contained eliminating the need for an additional control panel, and its independent relay-contact output is compatible with most heater control systems. As part of a snow melting system, the HSC–24 sensor will signal for snow and ice melting at pavement temperatures below 38°F (3.3°C) while moisture in any form—including water, snow, sleet or ice—is present.

It’s important for the sensor to be level with the pavement surrounding it. A Pavement Sensor Housing, ETI part number 23832 (sold separately), is needed for each pavement sensor. This housing supports the sensor within the pavement and includes adjustment screws that allow proper leveling with the pavement surface.


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