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Pyrocon 19-DR Smart controller for Ice and Snow melt applications

Pyrocon 19-DR Smart controller for Ice and Snow melt applications

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Snow Melt Smart controller for Combined Snow melt/Ice and stand-by Freeze protection, 24VAC operated with backlit LCD display w/active 5 zone indication. With Modbus/Bacnet communication capability.

NEW MEITAVTEC PYROCON19-DR snowmelt control with preheating Feature: a Pyrocon19 controller with an additional probe as a minimum slab temperature monitoring loop.

The controller starts the heating cable system down to a selected temperature, for example -1 Celcius, even if there is no precipitation. The slab will be maintained at this temperature indefinitely. The value is adjustable.

Preheating the slab prevents accumulations of early precipitation. It reduces the time required to melt snow. It is the best way to prevent ice formation in high winds.

2 new parameters are available to define this new function, P20 & P22.

  1. Minimum temperature set point for preheating (typical -1 Celsius) 2. Temperature reading range ...
  2. Temperature reading range (absolute value ex: 1 Celcius). Above this value, compared to the set point, the system is in pre-heating pause.
  3. The current value read by the probe is displayed as P21.

1 additional probe named T3 is added to the system to read the core temperature of the slab.

So we need 2 PyroULS probes per system using Pyrocon19-DR.

Pyrocon19-DR version 5.3.9 is in stock. It can replace an existing Pyrocon19 to update if a second PyroULS probe is installed in the slab.

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